Friday, October 17, 2008

Starting out...

Well so far I've been to 3 face to face meetings. I totally binged after my first one, but then I got the hang of it over the wekend, then I did great till today (about 5 days). There were cookies at work, like always. And then I went to the grocery store where I made all good choices except for the pint of icecream I bought. It was all I could think about while I was in the store and in the car on the way home and then i ate the whole thing. I didn't want to but I couldn't stop. I need to spend more time on the steps. I want to get on the 301 plan, but at this point I'm not being too rigid. Which may end up to be a mistake, I don't know. I need a sponcer bad. I have someone in mind and hope to see her at a meeting on Thursday.
Other than this last slip, I have been getting through the desire to binge on food by binging on diet soda. I know it doesn't help with the behavior but at least it is a change... This is why I need a sponcer.

I'm scared to go to work tomorrow. They sell all kinds of candy and other junk food in the breakroom for a fundraiser. I have had trouble staying away from it in the past, actually I eat a ton every time I go to work. I need to pray and trust that my HP will guide me through this.

I'm learning that my issues with food have nothing to do with food. So how did I end up so focused on it?